Services & Fees

Funding and Deal Support

Asset lending whether solar or other equipment requires large amounts of debt and equity to grow. Clearcape has direct experience of equity and debt raising on both sides of the table. In addition Clearcape has extensive M&A and due diligence expertise successfully matching mature capital market requirements to local conditions


PAYGO is a breakthrough for asset financing, enabling us to match the daily budgets of BoP borrowers. Clearcape works with the majority of the companies in the space across multiple functions and projects and offers real expertise for the challenges of new business models and services

Asset Financing and End User Payment Solutions

How to you make good assets affordable? What is the right model for your organisation? Clearcape understands and can recreate vendor financing, channel financing, end user products whether you’re a company, social enterprise or bank

Country, Product and Start Up Expertise

Vision, problem solving and a practical frame of mind – this is the Clearcape formula for setting up a new operation. But start the way you mean to continue – with great people and good processes and systems

Scale and Growth

How to mature as a company? What about expertise that does not exist in the founder team? How to prepare for the month where you find, process and book a level of sales equivalent to your first year of operation? And then the question of the founders …

Interim Management

Clearcape aims to meet two needs here. The first is a straight forward filling in of the GM, COO or CRO positions from 1-6 months. The second is to get you up and running while you are waiting to hire a new or replacement GM, COO or CRO.


Not for Profit: €800 per day
Commercial: €1000 per day



All expenses for the account of client, per diem as per USAID published guidelines


10% discount for longer assignments

Whatever the final daily rate agreed, every 10th day of the assignment will be provided at no charge


NOTE: Final fees depend on length of assignment, complexity, local conditions and value of intellectual property provided